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Pier & Dock Packages

Looking for a pier configuration that you don't see? The only limit is your imagination (with some engineering caveats). Fill out our Request a Quote form, or contact us today, and let us work with you to plan your dream pier.


What Makes a Pier of D'Nort Dock Unique?

Our piers feature a flip-in design that you won't find on any other pier system. They're built for ease of installation so that you can get your pier in quicker, stay drier, and take it out easier at the end of the season.

What is the Difference Between a Dock and a Pier?

In American English, we use the term interchangeably and will know what you mean if you use one term versus the other. In British English, the term "dock" refers more to a place for a ship to berth for commercial trade, repairs and similar, whereas "pier" is used more for public waterfront access and recreation not limited to boats.

How Do I Know What Starting Option I need?

  • Fascia Mount: Attaches your dock to a vertical surface like a concrete step or wood riser.
  • Starting Section: Allows your dock to rest on any surface at any angle....within reason and safety.
  • Shore Mount: Attaches your dock to a horizontal surface like a concrete slab or wooden deck.

For more information on the construction, options and features of our beautiful pier system, read "How It Works"