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Congrats. We have had our pier for I think 14 years. Have not had a single issue or repair.
Jeff S.

Congratulations! I just pulled my dock for the winter and must have said 10 times to my wife that “I love this pier.” It is one of the very few complex items I have purchased that works exactly as advertised. You guys are great.

Howard F.
Huntly, IL
Congratulations! I just finished bringing my pier in for the winter, all by myself, never getting in the water and everything worked like it was designed to do, just like your instructional videos demonstrate. There’s no substitute for intelligent engineering. I continue to be a very satisfied customer!
Ron R.
Rush City, MN
Thank you all at Pier of d’Nort for the fantastic service. A special thank you to the delivery driver who carried it down the hill to the lake for me. It went together easily and I am so pleased.inging my pier in for the winter, all by myself, never getting in the water and everything worked like it was designed to do, just like your instructional videos demonstrate. There’s no substitute for intelligent engineering. I continue to be a very satisfied customer!
Andrea F.
Iowa City, IA
We love our pier system!! As impressive as pier itself is, your outstanding customer service went beyond our expectations. When we were in need of a replacement clamp, we decided to send you an email describing our situation. The next day we had a very courteous reply from Tammy who was willing to get right on it. After confirming part number and shipping info, and dealing with our request for an extra bolt set (“no problem!”) things were in motion. The following day we received another courteous email from Karen who confirmed the Fedex shipment and gave us the tracking number. The part was under warranty and you also took the decision to use expedited shipping. We received it in two days. Amazing. It’s service such as this that will keep your customers coming back for more. Thank you so much. Whatever you are doing to train and encourage your employees, keep it up, and please, recognize Tammy and Karen for their exceptional work. Your people and your products are the best!
Matt and Michelle D.
Crystal Lake, IL
I just wanted to drop you a line to tell you how happy I am with my new dock. I reserved Saturday afternoon to install my dock and had the complete job finished in a little over one hour. The project couldn’t have gone better, and now I have the best looking dock on the lake. I can only hope the removal goes just as well, I have no doubt it will. You have a very nice product.
John B.
Fenwick, MI
Nate did a great job!!! Though the poor man must be running on fumes. I know I am tired today, can’t imagine him. Anyway the pier looks so great, glad that it is FINALLY in the water and we all can use. Very good investment! That’s why it took me so long to install, the investment part of it, lol. We will enjoy for sure! Can’t wait for the kids to come up as there will be plenty of room for them to swing their fishing poles.
Terri R.
Coleman, WI
I bought my pier in November last year and it sat in my garage all winter. Last week, my 2 teens and I splashed it in for the first time. It was raining like the dickens, but we got it in in no time at all. Easy as pie, just like advertised. Everything worked so easy the first time. I can’t understand why ANYONE would buy a pier from another company. You guys are freaking awesome!
Tim B.
St. Germain, WI
First of all wow! The pier I purchased from you and you helped install last March on Lake Beulah in East Troy is fantastic. The pier did everything you advertised and looks as good as the first day we put it in. We took it out of the water last Saturday without getting wet and the only reason it took over an hour was that we marched the deck sections into the basement of the house for the winter.
Frank B.
Menomonee Falls, WI
Well…………I just completed the extraction process for my PODN. It performed as described. It took me 30 minutes of casual labor to get the 3 sections stored for the off season. Last spring when I put it in for the first time, it also went as described. Good design and execution of your product.
Dean T.
Tomahawk, WI
Just a quick note to say thanks. This dock is a charm to install and take down. I put it up in the yard when I first got it to get the legs close to their heights and it took a bit of time to get organized but taking it down and installing in the river was surprisingly easy. Everyone who saw it and used it over the past weekend were amazed at how sturdy it was , many thought it was a permanent structure (much to their surprise as I took it out of the water and had it stored up on shore in about 25 minutes). Thanks again for your time. I will be ordering additional sections in the near future.
Brian S.
Mesick, MI
We ordered a dock from you a few years ago, and are very pleased with it. Installation was a breeze this spring (we showed our son in law how to do it, and just sat back to watch!) Thank you!
Dean T.
Nora & Bill T.
Mundelein, IL
The dock has worked out just perfect for us. We have had a number of visitors who are very interested in it. If anyone contacts you from our area and would like to see the dock, I would be more than happy to show them ours. We have a double “L” now and would like to make a triple “L”, do you make a section that would fit between the two existing sections? We would also like to lengthen the dock by two more sections, putting us at 64 feet… Thanks again for a great product, it is everything you advertise it to be.
Becky & Carl
The dock was delivered by the same fellow as the first dock and as it was then, all went great. They delivered around 2:30 and the attached picture was taken at 4:30. The entire in/out process is so simple it’s hard for people to believe it when I tell them. I am 62 years old and have no problems handling the sections (cedar, the others might be more difficult). There is a contracting crew doing work on our house and they were very impressed with the dock and how easy it is to handle. I noticed you have changed from a thumb screw to a star handle for mounting screws. I like the star handles much better and think it is a great improvement for tightening up the dove tails. (I would like to replace the 6 thumb type with star handles this fall) I’ll contact you later in the summer for a cost. I will put the check in tomorrows mail for the balance due. Again, you have a great product and are wonderful to deal with.
Gene U.
Cayuga Lake, NY

Dear Carl, Just wanted to thank you for the great pier that I purchased 4 years ago. It’s everything that you told me it would be and more.

  • Easy to put in
  • Easy to take out
  • Legs fold up easily for compact storage
  • 4×4 sections easily store in the back room of my storage building
  • Easy leg leveling using 1 wrench
  • Accessories mount easily and sturdy

To sum things up, It looks nice and is the envy of some neighbors with home made piers. Carl, feel free to use my name and number so I can answer any questions your customers may have.

Bill N.
Hartford, WI
This is year [sic] beginning of year 3 of owning your pier and I have to say it only gets easier to install. I dropped in my 6 foot wide, 30 foot long pier this past weekend. It took less then an hour. It’ rock solid, super durable, and continues to look great. It’s like an erector set for grown ups! Thanks.
Michael V.
Greenwood Lake, NY