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Business Updates

Storefront Progress


Storefront Progress

By Carl Surges. First published November 10, 2010

We’ve got lots of fun things planned for the upcoming 2011 season. To date, our visibility here on Hwy 70 has been rather modest, but come springtime northern Wisconsin will definitely know that a major dock manufacturer is here and that we aim to make lakefronts as easy and as fun as possible.

Pierr being constructed

Currently we are building our company greeter, Pierre (of d’Nort). Pierre is 12' tall sitting down. That makes him just a tad too big to fit inside our facility, which is why he has no head. If our docks can support a giant, it can certainly support our customers—no matter how many of them crowd onto our docks and piers. Look for more progress pics soon.

Pier of D'Nort fan display of docks
Pierre will be joined out in front of our building by a display of 22 of our dock sections arranged in a fan-like display that’s certain to turn heads.

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