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Really Cool New Stuff for Safety AND FUN!


Really Cool New Stuff For Safety AND FUN!

By Carl Surges. First published June 4th, 2018

We get most ideas for new accessories from our customers and we take them seriously! Yes, our system is easy to install and remove, but we also want to meet customer needs once in! Our new accessories were requests for more safety as well as a place to put stuff to avoid clutter. We weren’t sure how to name some of them, so we made it clear WHAT they do.

The Step Down

This 4’ x 18” accessory attaches to any structural side and provides a safe ‘step down’ from pier to boat. Sometimes that gap between dock and boat is a whopper, and the step down bridges the gap for a safer transfer for grandma and little ones with short legs. It’s also used by moms with young children to ‘sit down’ closer to the water when the kids are playing. Safety and prevention are two great features to this new accessory!

woman sitting on step down with kayak and paddle

The Side Extension

Are you tired of having everything you drag down to the dock turn into clutter and a trip hazard? The Side Extension comes in 4’ x 18” and 4’ x 24” sizes, and attaches to any structural side and off the beaten path. It’s a place for towels, thrown off shoes, life jackets or even your dog- creating more space and safety. It can also bridge the gap between the dock and a boat on a lift.

The Paddleboard Rack

Now that paddle boards and wave boards are all the rage, we’ve made a rack that can easily hold up to four boards. Not sure where we put them before the rack, but now you have a place for them!

Shatterproof Stemware and Holders

Unfortunately, as of 2023 we're phasing these out. Most dock owners have their own way to enjoy their beverages on their pier!

All dock owners love to sit and watch the sunrise or sunset while enjoying a glass of wine or other preferred drink. Glass stemware is risky and there’s never a place to put it. Our new quality shatterproof stemware that WILL NOT BREAK and our stemware holder fits securely into any cupholder. We definitely believe in drinking Wisconsibly!

We love new stuff, especially when it delivers safety and makes your dock a more fun and enjoyable place to hang. Our new stuff meets all that criteria, and we invite you to stop on in and see it for yourself!

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