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Here we grow. . . AGAIN!


Here We Grow... AGAIN!

By Carl Surges. First published October 6th, 2017

A few years back, Pier of d’Nort in St. Germain, added its first and much needed storage building alongside our manufacturing plant on Hwy 70 E. And now . . . here we grow again! Sales have literally gone through the roof, forcing us to need a NEW one . . . and we’re putting it on the OTHER side of the manufacturing plant! We really couldn’t be happier! This addition gives us the capability of making aluminum sections in advance, allowing for quicker sales fulfillment when pier orders start rolling in fast and furious come spring.

We can assuredly say that our growth is due to a simple trifecta effect – A GREAT product, GREAT customers, and GREAT customer service. Based on our customer feedback, our pier is the bomb! It’s everything it’s advertised to be! “As easy as it gets” isn’t just a saying, it’s also a fact – and we very much mean it! Our quality materials and workmanship on each patented component can’t be imitated! And our sales staff will take as much time as needed until each customer is comfortable that the pier they’re ordering is what they want and need. Yep, our product, customers, and staff made us the growing Northwoods Company that we are, and rest assured, we’re here to stay. More and more folks are making the drive up to St. Germain just to see our world headquarters, along with Pierre, our BFG (Big Friendly Giant) out front.

This kind of local spotlight has inspired us to make improvements on the inside too. In the next few months, we’re expanding our office space and spiffing up the showroom with what we think will be a ‘one of a kind’ sales space. Our floor will be transformed into a faux lake, replete with fish and foliage. We’ll have our pier and many of its components set up inside, and our NEWEST component ready to unveil.

The ‘Tip-a-Canoe and Kayak Too’ lift will be attached to the pier, complete with canoe! Truly a one of a kind lift, you can paddle your canoe or kayak right into its arms, crank it up out of the water, and secure it upside down just off the dock. It’s pretty darn cool! Our showroom lake scene might even help alleviate the winter doldrums, so we invite you to stop by and experience it once complete!

Our growth also means we’re in need of more production workers to help us fill our new storage building. If you’re handy with tools and want to be a part of our growing business, we’re looking for workers with a great work ethic and the skills needed to help us grow even more. Stop in and fill out an application. We’re located at 6035Hwy 70 E, St Germain. Office hours are M-F, 9 a.m. – 4 p.m.

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