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Got Muck??


Got Muck??

By Carl Surges, first published July 13th, 2017

No, it’s not a typo! We meant ‘muck!’ If you live on water, and if you have muck, you know what we’re talking about. It’s sounds disgusting and by definition – it is.

Webster’s dictionary defines muck as: soft moist farmyard manure; slimy dirt or filth… and disgusting! Synonyms such as crud, grime and gunk make it even more clear – it’s just not something to be desired. And if you own a pier, muck is an issue without many solutions. Until now!

After many requests for a solution from pier owners with mucky bottoms, Pier of d’ Nort’s owner and designer, Carl Surges, took on the task of finding a solution. What he came up with is quite ingenious, and simple too! He called the solution GIANT footpads, and our mascot out front, Pierre the Giant, may have given Carl the inspiration needed for this issue.

Measuring 2’ X 3’, these giant pads are attached to the pier’s footpads as you install the pier. Once the section is installed, the giant pad’s attachment mechanisms are removed so that the pier section can be raised and lowered without the pads in order to fine tune the leg levels. Then in the fall, the section is removed from the water first, and the giant pads are removed separately by pulling them out with rope that was attached to the pier legs.

Along with giant footpads, every part that’s manufactured at Pier of d’Nort is patented or patent-pending. Not only that, they can only be purchased at the one and only manufacturing plant in St. Germain, Wisconsin. That doesn’t stop us from selling piers all over the USA and internationally– from Alaska to Greece!

Our pier is designed so that one person really can install and remove it – because sometimes, well often, you can’t wait for or find thers to help you! We use high quality materials, and each pier is made to order right in our St Germain location.

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