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The Genius Behind a Pier of d’Nort Dock


The Genius Behind a Pier of D'Nort Dock

By Carl Surges, first published June 13th, 2018

When it comes to buying a dock, does anyone really know what to look for? You know what you want, but how do you know when you’ve found it? And what’s the most important feature you’re hoping to find? Ease? Quality? Warranty? Price? Great service? Made in the USA? Can you get it all, and should you even expect it all from one dock system? The answer is a resounding “YES!”

When you discover Pier of d’Nort, you’ll discover everything you’re looking for in a dock system and more! And when you discover that, you’ll feel like a genius! You’ll know you have found the best engineered, best-looking, patented dock system around, and right under your nose here in the Northwoods.

A Pier of d’Nort dock system addresses every concern and satisfies every need, and here’s how:

  1. Ease: It’s truly as easy as it gets, (which is why it’s our slogan.) Made for one-person installation and removal, it permits you to put it in when YOU are ready, not when others are available!
  2. Quality and Warranty: Made of top quality aluminum, our structures are warrantied for 15 years! No-maintenance vinyl panels also offer a 15-year warranty, and our quality red cedar panels are covered for five years!
  3. Price: We all know you get what you pay for, and at Pier of d’Nort you get so much more! Not only are our docks made of quality materials and serious engineering, our sales and service are second to none! After- sale comments are always about the pier’s ease and beauty, and about our competent and friendly sales staff.

There’s only one Pier of d’Nort showroom and manufacturing facility, and it happens to be located on Hwy 70 in St. Germain. When the genius inside you awakens, we invite you to visit. See our dock system, experience a ‘live’ demo, check it out from top to bottom, and take all the time you need.

Our mascot, Pierre the Giant, is always sitting out front fishing off one of our piers. A pier strong enough for a giant is strong enough for you and your friends. We’ll be here when you come because we’re open year-round! Review our store hours before you jump into your car, or make an appointment. When you walk in, don’t be surprised when the genius behind a Pier of d’Nort pier suddenly becomes YOU!

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