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What makes a sale a ‘GREAT Sale?’


What Makes a Sale a GREAT Sale?

By Carl Surges. First published August 9th, 2017.

At Pier of d’Nort, we think we have the makings for more than just a Fall sale. We think we have all that’s needed to have a GREAT sale! It’s not because we offer the biggest discounts on our pier. It’s not because we need to have a sale, because we’re selling piers like hotcakes without one. It’s not even because we need to get rid of end of season inventory, because we make piers to order.

So why, you may be asking at this point, makes our Fall Sale a GREAT sale? Well, we’re glad you asked. We have our annual sale to THANK our great customers who want to add more components. We have it because we have a LOT of folks who call us or stop by to see our pier. They’re always impressed when they see it, and they almost always get a quote. But it’s either not the right time or they just aren’t sure…yet. And that’s where our Fall Sale comes in. It provides just enough ‘umph’ to get them from uncertain to certain about making a purchase. And in the end, it’s really a great sale because we’re just that nice. We know that when you’re taking out that rickety, heavy, and oh so laborious old pier of yours this coming Fall, you will be thinking “What can I do to make it easier NEXT year?” We get a lot of calls about that time and we want to be of service. So, we really don’t need to have a sale, but we just do.

This year, we’ve changed our sale so that you have a choice on how much YOU want to save. If you order and have your pier delivered or you pick it up BEFORE December 15th, we’ll discount your entire pier order by 12%. If you order this year, but don’t want to take delivery or pick it up until 2018, we’ll still discount your entire pier order but by 7%, and you’ll only have to put 50% down til spring too. It’s enough savings to make it very worth your while to purchase your pier this fall.

So as you’re driving around this fall, and you’re seeing big ‘ole dock pieces set on the side of the road with a sign that says “FREE – if you take it away yourself,” let that be a reminder to you that our sale goes through December 15th. Just give us a call at 715-477-3232, or stop on in at 6035 Hwy E in St. Germain, M-F, 9 a.m. – 4 p.m. See up close and personal how our innovative and patented pier really can be installed and removed by one person! You’ll thank us next spring when you’re actually having fun putting our pier in!

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