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Picking Up Your Pier


Preparing to Pick Up Your Pier

Now that you have ordered your pier, it’s time to plan ahead for picking it up. We have important guidelines to ensure your safety so please read thoroughly.

If you are unsure whether your trailer is sufficient for your order, give us a call and we can help guide you!

trailer with Pier of D'Nort docks

What size trailer do I need to pick up my order?

A trailer without sides is preferred but not mandatory. Stack height must be kept below 13’6” from the ground to top of payload to fit through most bridges and overpasses. This equates to no more than 12 frames per stack.

  • 4x8 Frames: 55" x 101" minimum trailer space needed
  • 6x6 frames: 80" x 72" minimum trailer space needed

To save room in your trailer, panels can be loaded into the open bed of a truck or cargo area of your vehicle. For 4x4 panels you must have at least 50" between the wheel wells.

  • A panel skid for 4x4 panels is approximately 48" x 50"
  • A panel skid for 6x6 panels is approximately 50" x 74"

If you do not have truck/cargo space, your trailer must be long enough to accommodate frames, panels, accessories and pier legs.

For Example: A 4x8 pier order being loaded into a trailer requires a trailer at least 12.5' long (to fit both frames and panels)

Securing Your Load

Our experienced loading team will help you load your pier order in your trailer! Once it is safely loaded, it is the customer’s responsibility to secure the load. Please be prepared with at least two ratchet straps per stack to properly tie down your goods.

After leaving our facility, we recommend checking your straps after the first fifteen minutes and then every thirty minutes thereafter.

Please be cautious:

  • Trailer may sway as you drive;
  • Trailer axles can bend from excessive weight;
  • You may have difficulty braking, allow additional following distance;
  • Be prepared for hills. Go slow up hill and don’t tax engine; don’t ride brakes down hill;
  • Don’t take corners too sharply.

Safety Ain't For Sissies

Not following guidelines may result in damage to your vehicle, reduced fuel efficiency and potential accidents in transit if trailer failure occurs.

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