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Manufacturer vs. Dealer


Manufacturer Vs. Dealer

Why we sell direct

In a nutshell, dealers cost money. They’re not going to sell our piers out of the goodness of their hearts. So we have a choice. Do we put money into a dealer’s pocket or do we put money into a better pier? We can’t do both because we want to sell an easily affordable pier. For us it’s a deliberate decision that plays out like this.

On the one hand we can sell a lot of piers through a large dealer distribution network. That’s the way most dock manufacturers do it. The theory is that more sales volume would then lower costs enough to be able to pay the dealers. That’s a nice theory.

On the other hand, we can present the same information to shoppers via this website (much more, really), provide for high quality answers to questions (we’re as easy to call as a dealer), make a much better, much easier product, and sell the piers ourselves. OUR theory is that our (free) presentation here can be as, or more enlightening and complete than what you might get by driving to a dealership (or dealerships) and talking with a salesperson; who, by the way, may also be wanting to sell you a long-term install/remove package.

All of us here at Pier of d’Nort know that we offer the best value in a pier, and we also know that the best product always wins by word of mouth eventually. Last, but not least, we know that our direct sales approach IS working, that people from Colorado to Maine and all points in between are thankful they bought our pier, and they did it based on even less than what you see here. The decision to sell direct was easy. It’s win-win for us and you.

How we sell direct

We ship or deliver your pier directly to your doorstep. If we deliver, we can even arrange to install your pier. If and when you install your pier yourself, we encourage you to get us on the phone while doing so (if possible) juuuust in case you need help. It’s part of your package.

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