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If ever there was a pier for 50+ folks, Pier of d’Nort docks are the gold, or might we say ‘silver’ standard?


Pier of d’Nort Docks are the Gold, or "Silver" Standard

By Carl Surges. First Published April 24th, 2018.

What we at Pier of d’Nort get the biggest kick out of, and absolutely love, is to have folks visit us after they’ve done some shopping around for a dock. In fact, the more they’ve done their due diligence before coming to Pier of d’Nort, the better! They usually come in with a natural skepticism, and the more skepticism the better. They ask a lot of questions and we take great delight in showing how our system addresses those questions. Our sales staff, made up of women of varying and sundry ages, can actually demonstrate the installation and removal process right in our St Germain showroom. We’re even happy to let observers do it for themselves.

Then comes the best part – for us anyway – watching the dawning realization spread across their face that for once, a dock company can really and truly deliver on its claim to be the easiest to install and remove. Where virtually all dock companies make that boast, Pier of d’Nort will prove it…unequivocally!

If you’re “seasoned” enough to remember watching the first right-stuff astronauts ride computer-challenged missiles into space, you may also relate to the following: you refuse to believe you can’t or shouldn’t still handle comparable tasks (no matter how much they hurt); you take pride in being physically younger than youngsters in their 40’s; you refuse to believe your children are avoiding spring and fall visits so they won’t be put to work (but deep down you kinda know); you want to have your pier in the water earlier and taken out later when the water is still and the woods are quiet enough to hear the animals sing; and finally, you can’t believe that such an unequaled product is available locally where support is readily available (although rarely needed.) For all these discerning souls, Pier of d’Nort is the perfect and lasting match.

If ever there was a pier for 50+ folks, Pier of d’Nort docks are the gold, or might we say ‘silver’ standard?

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