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Pier of d’Nort Customers Are Always Talking About Us…and We LOVE It!


Pier of d’Nort Customers Are Always Talking About Us…and We LOVE It!

By Carl Surges, first published March 7th, 2018

At Pier of d’Nort, we firmly believe that if our customers aren’t talking about us, we’re doing something wrong. We can say without a doubt that our customers are the best advertisers we have! They can’t wait to brag to everyone what a great product they just bought. They tell others about the top-notch customer service they received, and how much time we spent listening to their concerns and issues.

Now that winter is on the downswing, we know our customers are dreaming about putting their Pier of d’Nort dock in. They can’t wait actually! Dock owners who aren’t our customers are thinking about putting theirs in too, but it’s more of a growing dread. They aren’t thinking about a dock that goes in so easy that they’re quickly enjoying the water, their boat or the beautiful sunrise and sunset over the sound of lapping water. No, they’re beginning to stress over the same issues that haunt them each and every year.

“WHO’S going to come help me put that pier in this year?” “Do I really WANT to put that big, old heavy pier in one more time?” And those thoughts often lead to this: “Is THIS the year for a new, EASIER, nicer, lighter pier?”

Pierre and Pier of D'Nort showroom
Mascot Pierre welcomes everyone to the Pier of D'Nort showroom in St. Germain, WI

These are real issues that bring people to our website or into our showroom in St Germain – the only showroom, manufacturer and sales office in the world for Pier of d’Nort docks. When folks contact us, we can sense their concerns and complaints. Our sales staff at Pier of d’Nort aren’t counselors, but we should be because we are darn good listeners. We know people need to share what brought them to us…. and we really do understand.

We know too, that people who already bought a pier from us are often the reason new people call or come in. It’s all because our customers LOVE to talk. They’re even a bit show-offy, which is perfect for us! After all, who doesn’t enjoy an audience? Who doesn’t enjoy helping a neighbor with a great recommendation? And who doesn’t enjoy the great neighbor relations that result – like a cold one on a sunny afternoon just before grilling dinner?

Yep, we know we have the best customers, and we love it when they talk about us! Check out our pier on our website, Facebook or YouTube. We’d love to give you something to talk about too!

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