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How To

Storage and Care


Storage and Care

Storing your dock

Storing and caring for your Pier of d’Nort dock is just as simple as every other aspect of our system. Some accessories will prevent legs from folding, so those can be removed easily. Frames are stored upside down, ideally on a flat surface, and can be stacked as high as you like and anywhere you like, however, keep in mind that rain will splash sand or dirt onto sections laying directly on sand or dirt. Make sure the legs have an angle to them that allows water to drain. Panels should be stored vertically (so that the edge trim pieces are vertical). You can consider orienting them top-surface-to-top-surface and bottom-to-bottom. Many folks store their cedar panels in the garage.

cedar decking stacked against a wall
Our cedar decking stacks up

If you have sections with deep water bracing, you’ll leave that on of course. Those legs will not fold completely so we don't recommend stacking sections on top of those.

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