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It really is this simple.

See how easy it is in the video below.

Will the footpads really come out? What about the suction?

Massive suction makes lifting footpads straight up out of the bottom an annual back-breaking chore. Pier of d’Nort has broken that tradition with footpads designed from the getgo to slide out of the bottom like skis. It’s like cutting butter verses trying to push a knife through sideways. The ski-like pads are welded to the legs at a 5 degree angle. That makes sense anyway since that’s the natural slope of your bottom. When you lift up the shore-end of your section, it not only angles the footpads more ideally, but it also begins to soften the substrate. The footpads really do pull out with minimal resistance. Best of all, they have no moving parts. Wheels in this case are way overkill.

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